Friday, March 16, 2007

Taxes on the rise...

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Corzine's budget cap is having an effect on local municipalities. They are struggling to control spending while providing services that local citizens have come to expect. Which means tax increases are on their way.

For one example, according to Patricia Miller of the Brick Bulletin, Brick Township residents could see a 12-cent rise in the municipal purposes tax rate. The increase stems primarily from the way the budget has been crafted over the past 13 years, where one-time gimmicks have taken the place of deferred school taxes.

Now that the time has come to have to raise taxes, the politicians are all finding the most effective human shield - children.

Here's the sketch:

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Anonymous said...

thanks for this illustration - every time anyone of us turns around taxes - including school taxes{which usually accounts for more than 50% of the total tax) are going up - and using the kid as a shield is/seems to be the norm.....remember : "its for the children" signs around your town .