Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wayne I need to say more?

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Surprise, surprise surprise! State Senator Wayne Bryant is caught up in more controversy about his job at Rutgers. According to Bob Ingle at the Asbury Park Press, Bryant has only given 2 of a proposed 20 lectures he was set to teach. His record of showing up in the legislature is probably even less spectacular than that. And let's not forget his position at the most upstanding institution in the country, UMDNJ.

It's just amazing that all of these jobs, for which he does little to nothing, will all contribute to his pension when he retires.

...sorry, I had to go vomit.

Here's the sketch:


mrb said...

Rob,you have outdone yourself again !5 star cartoon again !

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that fat tub of lard is still in office! Isn't it an open secret that he's the most curropt politician currently serving in New JErsey.

What really stinks is he'll walk away with his fat pension before anyone has a chance to investigate him.

Wally said...

This is fantastic!

yellowdog granny said...'s nice to see that there is a state with more crooked politicians that Texas...yeehaw..