Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hy Eisman's Birthday

Joe Kubert School, Hy Eisman, Popeye

For all you Kubies out there, Lettering Instructor extrodnaire Hy Eisman turned 80 on March 27th! The NJ NCS chapter threw a surprise party for the old do-gooder, and has pictures and more on their blog. I still use my B-6 and Ames Guide to this day!

I'll have to post the sketch later that Irwin Hasen drew after Hy fell down the front steps of the Kubert School. Compasionate.

Tip of the hat to Mike Lynch.


Rian said...

I never had Hy as a teacher. Because of this I'm not a great letterer, but I also didn't have as much homework as you in first year. Huzzah!

Rob Tornoe said...

And I never had the joy of having Kraiger as a lettering teacher. But I did have him for figure drawing. Followed by Revindra. Yikes.

Thank god for DeMulder!

Anonymous said...

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