Sunday, March 25, 2007

Performing miracles in New Jersey

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Chris Christie suddenly holds a lot of clout among New Jersey taxpayers, and politicians are quick to catch on to this. According to the Star-Ledger, the Assembly Budget Committee invited Christie to discuss the efforts he has undertaken with the state to stem gang violence and fight terrorism.

Of course, he could have just prosecuted one corrupt politician, and New Jersey taxpayers would have loved him (Although in recent weeks we’ve found that for U.S. Attorneys, the fewer democrats you’re able to prosecute, the weaker your job security seems to be).

Bob Ingle mentioned on his blog that the state Attorney General's Office has been MIA for most of the McGreevey era forward. As a result, it seems there is a giant queue of brazenly corrupt politicians waiting for Christie to take them up the river. Some are even attempting to retire to secure what they've already been able to steal from the taxpayers, worried about Christie continued subpoenas and investigations. All the more reason for the legislature to remove the ability of corrupt politicians to secure pensions from their position(s).

But for now, the people of New Jersey are listening. And believing.

Here's the sketch:

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