Saturday, March 31, 2007

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In New Jersey, there is a mass exodus of people leaving the state for lower property taxes. That exodus is now being joined by state Senators leaving office. Eleven out of the 40-member upper chamber have now said they will not seek re-election in November. This ensures the biggest turnover in the Senate since the Watergate era, when voters swept 13 Republicans from office.

In a story from the Star-Ledger by Mark Muller and Joe Donohue, they quote Rider University political science professor David Rebovich as saying, "I can't recall this ever happening in modern times. It's unprecedented that there would be so many voluntary retirements."

There are lots of possible reasons why the Senators are leaving office, which include aging lawmakers, political infighting and a chance in media scrutiny. But I think the biggest reason is the fact that the U.S. Attorney, Chris Christie, is actually holding the legislature accountable for its misdeeds.

Regardless, it should be an exciting election this November.

Here's the sketch:

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