Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Camping trip to New York

As I promised to the three of you out there that are interested, here are some pictures from this weekend's trip to the Finger Lakes.

Here's the creepy hotel we booked while in Wellsboro. It's called the Penn Wells Motel, and was first built back in 1799.

This is the wallpaper that adorned the bathroom in our "unrefurbished" room.

A view from the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania (Walsh kept referring to it as the 'Great Gorge').

While we were in Corning, I was getting a bit dehydrated form all the walking. The solution? Beer!

These were glass sculptures done by Rudolf Blaschka back in the earlier part of the twentieth century on display at the Corning Museum of Glass. Blaschka sculpted these out of glass for the Harvard University Herbaria so students could permanently study the effects of fungus and bacteria on plant life without everything going rotten in the classroom. This particular sculpture is a Pineapple Pippin Apple affected by the fungus Venturia inaequalis. Phew!

A cool looking bowl in one of the displays at the museum.

A live glass-blowing demonstration at the museum.

Now, on to the wine festival! Monk drove up Sunday morning to be at the campsite at nine, which means they left Delaware around three in the morning. Poor guy. I almost feel bad enough for him NOT to take a picture. Oh well.

The wine festival itself was insane. On top of the over 70 wineries there, people were selling sauces, jewelry, food, soap, and all kinds of homemade stuff. It was pretty overwhelming.

It was also overwhelming to Monk, but in a completely different way. Gulp, gulp, gulp.

But he did have enough energy to beat up rubber after the festival.

Kristen and I at Seneca Lake after dinner.

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