Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I've been away, but now I'm back...

Wow! I'm back!!! What a great weekend! Kristen and I stayed at a creepy old motel in Wellsboro, checked out the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, visited the Corning Museum of Glass, and did some wine tasting at the Finger Lakes Wine Festival. Phew!!!! I'll post some pictures later for the 3 people out there who are interested.

So I won't have any new cartoons until tomorrow, but I just wanted to voice my thanks to all of you regular visitors out there that have made my blog, much to my surprise, the 10th most influential blog in New Jersey, according to Blognewnews.com. Keep coming and ripping me apart for my cartoons, and maybe we can overtake people like Bob Ingle and the NJ Conservatives with Attitude!!!!

1 comment:

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