Saturday, August 18, 2007

Atlantic County Executive

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One of the more interesting races to watch in the state is right here in Atlantic County. Dennis Levinson, a former history teacher and the only Republican county executive in the state, is defending his Atlantic County Executive seat against his challenger, Sheriff Jim McGettigan.

Already a contentious debate with 3 months to go, this fight will just continue to degrade and degrade, until the candidates are simply reduced to pissing on one another.

From Matt Friedman at

"Each candidate insists that his opponent is desperate. Levinson often repeats of McGettigan, “The only time he opens his mouth is to put the other foot in.” McGettigan, for his part, says that Levinson’s campaign is in a “tailspin.” The personal animosity between the candidates is palpable, with charges of pension padding, misuse of public resources and incompetence flying back and forth on a daily basis."

Atlantic County Executive fight

McGettigan peppers executive race with salty language
Press of Atlantic City

Here's the sketch:

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