Monday, October 22, 2007

Callaway still in charge

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So what do you do when you think you're in the clear, then your editor emails you to find out if you're going to have a cartoon that day? Well, you say, "Sure, I'll get it to you in an hour."

Then you realize that you're nowhere near your drawing table, and all you've got is some letter paper, a black ball-point pen, and a friend that can keep a secret.

You scribble madly and begin curse because you can't use your AMES guide to layout the lettering (can't even worry that you don't have your B-6 nib to do the lettering, leave that to Mr. Sharpie).

The hour passes quickly and viola! A masterpiece that people will think is so witty that they don't notice the hurried craftsmanship and frantic execution.

Only your fellow artists will chide you. At least I didn't trace anything :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to pick up that Rafael sharpie I've had my eye on...