Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Schulz bio comes with fresh, depressing scent

Well, it finally came today, the new Charles Schulz biography written by David Michaelis, which has created rumblings across the internets by cartoonists as the most depressing book ever. I don't know if I should start reading it, or hang myself from my ceiling fan.

I mean, com'on, at points in his career he made $4,000 a day!!!! If he can't be happy with that, what chance do the REST of us have.

Here's a count on what cartoonists have had to say about it:

Bill Watterson of Calvin and Hobbies:

For all the influence that “Peanuts” had on me, I was content to admire Schulz from afar, and like most of his millions of readers I never met him. Mr. Michaelis has done an extraordinary amount of digging and has written a perceptive and compelling account of Schulz’s life. This book finally introduces Charles Schulz to us all.

Scott Nickel, Triple Take, His & Hers and Eek:

I received my copy of Schulz and Peanuts: A Biography from Amazon today. I stopped at page 31 feeling utterly despondent. Author David Michaelis paints such a morose and relentlessly depressing portrayal of Schulz and his family (at least his mother and her relatives), that it’s hard to slog through.

Richard Thompson, Cul de Sac, Poor Richard's Almanac:

Anybody reading this? [refering to "Meanwhile..: A Biography of Milton Caniff" written by R. C. Harvey] You should be; it's probably a lot more fun to read than the Michaelis Schulz biography and it's definitely more a labor of love. Reading this makes me want to be a strip cartoonist, and write about exotic locales & vertiginous adventures. And it makes me want to learn how to use a brush, and how to spell chiaroscuro without looking it up (I looked it up).

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