Friday, October 26, 2007

Zuda Comics

On October 30, 2007, DC Comics, the popular comic book publisher behind the imprint, will post 10 web comic entries for public view and invite people to vote for their favorite. Editors may also declare as many as six submissions to be instant winners during the calendar year. is designed to allow aspiring cartoonists to register at its web site and submit an eight-panel sample of their work.

Now, not all of the cartoonists on the first list of 10 are aspiring artists. I see Howard Shum, creator of the Image series Gun Fu (inspired now doubt by that crappy Christian Bale movie where they're karate-chopping each other with guns...unemotionally. Can't remember the title...) I also see Pop Mhan's name, as well as...Fernando Ruiz?!?!

That's right Kubert students and Arcie fans...Fernando Ruiz is behind one of the strips. So that means once the 10 strips are posted, sign up and start voting. Here's a description of Fernando's title. To view a description of the other nine, click here:

Writer/Artist: Greg DelCurla/Fernando Ruiz
Summary: In old Ireland, when the banshee sings for you it means that your time on this Earth is coming to an end. But American Michael O’Connor refuses to take this news lying down. With the (forced) help of a kidnapped Leprechaun, he intends to solve the mystery of his own death even if it turns the world of faeries, gods, and plain old normal folk upside down.

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DC Comics

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