Thursday, February 21, 2008

Colorado: Ken Salazar as VP?

Ken Salazar
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How far-fetched of a thought is it to think that Ken Salazar, freshman Senator from Colorado, could get his way onto either Hillary or Obama's ticket?

Apparently, not that far fetched, according to him! He has already hired Jeff Lane, a Capitol Hill veteran who most recently serving as Chief of Staff for Senator John Edwards.

And listen to what people are saying about him in Washington.

“He’s Hispanic and he’s from a state that really counts in the general election,” one DC consultant told PolitickerCO about Salazar’s chances.

For the time though, Salazar will keep his trap shut on who he's supporting.

He told the Rocky Mountain News that he's going to remain an undecided superdelegate until very late in the nominating process, when he decides which contender gives Democrats the best chance to beat likely Republican nominee Sen. John McCain.

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