Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Jersey Cartoon: Duck, Linda, duck

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It's one thing to pay tribute to a departing colleague as he goes to Washington. It's another to tell him that you really wanted him to win.

Which, according to, is EXACTLY what State Sen. Raymond Lesniak did:

Speaking on the Senate floor Tuesday on a resolution honoring Lance on his departure from the State Senate, Lesniak said: “Senator Lance knows I said to him before the election ‘I really want you to win, Senator.’ I didn’t want to lose him in this body, but he by far was not only the best candidate, but he’s earned it and he deserves it.”

The only problem is during the campaign, he endorsed four-term Democratic Assemblywoman Linda Stender, the SAME Linda Stender that announced yesterday that she intended to run for re-election.


Here's the sketch:

And by-the-way, if you haven't noticed, I'm not leaving PolitickerNJ. I'll still be doing a new cartoon every Wednesday, like always, plus whatever Wally throws my way.

The guys at and The New York Observer have been great, and I'm thrilled that even through tough times and economic cutbacks, they value my work enough to want to keep me around.

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