Monday, December 15, 2008

Paterson in a Blind Rage Over SNL Skit

"Governor, what do you have against New Jersey?"

"Unfortunately, a southern border."

Apparently, everyone found this skit on this week's finale of Saturday Night Live funny (including the New York Post where I stole the headline from) except, you guessed it, New York Governor David Paterson.

"I can take a joke. But only 37% of disabled people are working and I'm afraid that that kind of third-grade humor certainly adds to this atmosphere. Let's just say I don't think it helped," he told The Daily News.


Then again, can you blame him with lines like this?

"I'm a blind man who loves cocaine, who was suddenly appointed Governor of New York; my life is an actual plot from a Richard Pryor movie."

UPDATE: I didn't realize it, but following the Paterson skit, as Amy Poehler was saying her final good-bye, Armisen as Paterson walked onto the frame and blocked her out.

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