Wednesday, December 05, 2007

How to preserve a film that has yet to be made?

Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that Stanley Kubrick is my favorite American film director. He is closely followed by Orsen Welles, John Ford, and two more that figure prominently in this post, Alfred Hitchcock and Martin Scorsese.

Floating around the internets is an amazing homage to Alfred Hitchcock made by Martin Scorsese titled "Key To Reserva." It is based on a mysterious and incomplete three and a half page script developed for Alfred Hitchcock, but was never made.

From the Good Stuff blog:
Says Scorsese ‘it’s one thing to preserve a film that’s been made. It’s another to preserve a film which hasn’t been made.’ Together with Carta Nevada (the makers of FreiXenet) and JWT, Scorcese endeavored to make the film as Hitchcock would have made it - becoming a kind of hybrid director I’m calling Hitchese. But as with all good stuff, this is a supernova born from collaboration. The words of Ted Griffin (Oceans Eleven) were lit by Harris Savides (American Gangster) and made the cut by long time Scorsese consort Thelma Schoonmaker (The Departed, Good Fellas)

Check it out below:

a Hitchcock Film by Martin Scorsese and JWT
The Good Stuff: A blog by Craig Davis, JWT's Chief Creative Officer

Scorsese does Hitchcock: for Freixenet


Rian said...

I caught this a day or two ago and was BLOWN THE F**K AWAY! I want to see this whole movie so bad. Scorcese hit the nail on the head with this. I was giddy imagining the shots done by Hitchcock himself because they LOOKED like the kind of shots he did. Not only that, but even though we had no clue what led up to the events in the video, what we saw was awesome and suspenseful. I really wish Scorcese would fill in the blanks and make an entire film based around these clips.

Rob Tornoe said...

It would be really cool. My favorite part is when it cut to Scorcese in the editing room, saying, "We don't have a scene here, because the page is missing."

There were two shots in particular that Scorcese took straight from Hitchcock films; when he falls off the balcony, that's Vertigo; when they're taking pictures, that's Rear Window.

Makes me want to watch both of them!

Rian said...

I just watched The Wrong Man a few hours ago. The Key To Reserva has gotten me in the mood for more Hitchcock.

Honestly, the one part of Reserva that I didn't completely like was the camera flash because it felt more like a rip-off of Rear Window than a nod of the head.