Monday, December 03, 2007

Vermont, the "Feel Good" State

Launching today is the newest member of the Politicker family, PolitickerVT. This is a link to my first cartoon there. House Speaker Gaye Symington (D) thinks things are going great in the Green Mountain State. So great that Republican Governor Jim Douglas should stop yammering on about things that still need to get done, and just sit back and live the good life.
"I want to shift the discussion in Vermont," [Speaker Symington] explained in an unspoken reference to Republican Gov. Jim Douglas' penchant for talking about what's bad, such as high property taxes or complex environmental permit procedures. "If we only talk about our challenges," she said, "we lose sight of what our strengths are."

Here's a link:

Speaker wants to promote Vermont's strengths
Burlington Free Press

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