Sunday, February 10, 2008

Maine: Obama Wins the Tug-Of-War

barack obama,  Hillary Clinton,  Maine Caucus
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PolitickerME is reporting that Barack Obama has won the Maine Caucus. This tops off a fantastic weekend for him, after winning contests in Nebraska, Washington, Louisiana and the Virgin Islands.

Prior to tonight's caucus, Obama has been down in all the polls I was able to see. Clinton was also talked about having a good chance at winning in Maine, because the state's large white, heavily working-class population favored her. John Baldacci, the governor of Maine, also endorsed and supported her.

This gives him a great deal of momentum moving into the contests in the Potomac on Tuesday, which include Maryland, Virgina and Washington, D.C.

Make sure you check out PolitickerMD for constant updates on the Maryland presidential contests.

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