Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obama Stomps Hillary

barack obama,  Hillary Clinton
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After Barack Obama's crushing wins last night in Maryland, Virgina and Washington D.C., Hillary Clinton is forced on a path to the Democratic nomination that is remarkably similar to the one that failed for Republican Rudy Giuliani.

And Giuliani wasn't facing a near-juggernaut opponent like Hillary is in Barack.

From The Politico's Mike Allen's Playbook:
"Mounting evidence suggests that if he successfully navigates the delegate dogfight ahead, Senator Obama would be a formidable, and potentially unstoppable, general-election candidate, with a visceral attraction for his base, a polar pull for independents, and a mystical fascination for a surprising swath of Republicans.

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Seth Chomout said...

Mr. Tomoe,

I am the Chairman of a satirical newspaper at Angelo State University, can I have permission to use this cartoon in it?